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  • Q: Are your potions, poisons, plagues, and potion ingredients safe to drink or ingest?
    A: Sadly no, though everything we use is nontoxic, the items are strictly for entertainment use only. They are not meant to be ingested and are for role-play purposes only. Doing so is at your own risk and Laughing Hyena will not be held responsible for anything that might happen. Be it getting a tummy ache, to turning into a purple rabbit with tentacles, with a strong penchant for brie
  • Q: How many planets can i buy?:
    A: I have no idea, we don't sell those... yet.
  • Q: Are all your wands unique?
    A: Yes! Every wand that I or my helper’s craft is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. We do not use replicators, instead, turn every wand by hand, allowing the wood to tell us how it will be crafted and come into existence. Doing this allows each wand to be truly an original piece of art, enhancing its own natural characteristics such as burls, knots, and grains. As such one of the best ways to pick out your wand at one of our upcoming shows.
  • Q: Can I order a custom wand?
    A: Yes you can order a custom wand, choosing from what we have available, or can reasonably acquire (woods outside of our normal inventory, will be subject to a materials cost fee to the purchaser). You will also be able to choose a wand with a core or without one. We ask that you reach out to us via our contact button. We will do our best to get a feel of what you are looking for and how you want it to be shaped. We can’t guarantee that we can make a wand to your exact specifications, as we work with the wood and let the craft speak for itself. Please be aware that custom wands are non – refundable
  • Q: Can a custom piece of leatherwork, wand, or another item be returned?
    A: Custom orders, personalized items, and shipping fees are non-refundable, since prying the coin from the dragon under the tower, is not a task that is conducive to a long and healthy life.
  • Q: Are any magical creatures harmed in the making of our products?
    A: We follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Magic, and all treaties set for by the various Fae Kingdoms.
  • Q: Can I provide the wood for you to make a wand?
    A: Currently the answer is no. Such wood might not be safe to work with due to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on your location and ours, it might not be legal to ship wood, if it has not been properly processed to travel across state or country lines. Also, if something unfortunate happens to the wood, during the turning process, we would not be able to replace it. Then you would be sad, and we do not want sad wizards.
  • Q: I purchased a dragon egg from you, and now I want to know how to make it glow?
    A: Our dragon eggs, can be made to glow, by exposing them to a short wave U.V. light.
  • Q: How do I take care of my wand after purchasing it?
    A: After some time, your wand may dull a bit, due to use or weather. This is because we do not use polyurethane on our wands, preferring a natural finish to them. Our wands are finished with either food-safe mineral oil or teak oil. We highly recommend using a small bit of either one, every six months, or sooner if it loses its luster. We highly recommend following the instructions for whichever oil you use.
  • Q: How often should I clean the leather goods that I purchased from you?
    A: As a rule of thumb, it is best to wipe down your leather goods with a lightly damp cloth to get the grime, dust, or mud off. Then use a leather conditioner on it, as it keeps the leather supple and rich. Be sure to follow the instructions of the product you use. You should try and condition your leather at least once a year.
  • Q: Can I purchase a racing Jackalope?
    A: Sadly no. Currently the European Import and Export of Magical Beasts prohibits the sale to unlicensed sled team racers. But we can give you the latest updates to keep track of the upcoming races!
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