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Are you a wizard in need of a holder to carry your wand? Or perhaps a pouch for your spell components? An adventurer may need a sturdy wineskin to slake their thirst on the open road. You may find you need armor strong enough to face the dangers of a long-forgotten tomb that you and your friends discovered in the old ruins.  Well then, you are in luck for Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium, and Apothecary is here for your needs!


We here at Laughing Hyena take great pride in the quality of leatherwork that we make for our customers. The leather articles we produce range from wand holders, elaborate suits of armor, bracers, sheaths, common belts, pouches, and wine skins. We scour the earth for the finest of leathers, be it dragon, griffon, or even the deadly cow (do not underestimate a drunken cow!)! We understand that in times of danger, or a bad game of cards, you can’t waste time wondering if your armor or pouches will hold up to whatever punishment they are going to take, as you avoid, that cone of dragon fire, the swath of magic missiles, or the sword of a drunk orc, that heard you call his mother a two headed bog troll.


Everything an adventurer could need in the day-to-day life of dungeon delving or monster slaying we can bring to you. With over two decades of leather crafting knowledge, we are determined to hand you a product with a higher level of quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction. The attention to materials and detail we put into our leatherwork, will speak for itself, whether it is off our shelf, or custom made, you will not be disappointed.

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