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In the realm of magic and sword, one cannot forget that there is a dark underbelly that lives among the shadows. Behind closed doors unseen from lawful eyes, whispers are spoken from the lowest of alleys, to the highest halls of palaces. Thus it is the realm where those that would see their ends be met without sword or spell will find themselves in the realm of poisons.  


Now to be clear Laughing Hyena  Magical Emporium and Apothecary does not condone the use of such things especially  in matters that are on the wrong side of the law.  We do recognize though that poisons are important for the creation of antidotes, also for the study in alchemy, the use in some spells, arcane writing, and incantations.  Laughing Hyena has taken great care to ensure the purity of the poisons that we provide to those that wish to use them for study and work among the sciences.  Each poison is harvested ethically and without harm according to the rules and standards set forth by the Magical Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Arcane Creatures (M.S.P.C.A) and distributed under the laws set for by the Local Magicians Union 1298.  Every bottle is warded and sealed to prevent any “accidents'' and to preserve the purity, potency,  and quality that you have come to expect from us, here at Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium and Apothecary.


Poison...  This very word conjures up jealousy, danger, death, backdoor dealings, and political intrigue. The use of poisons in nature and by the civilized world, is well documented in the mundane world,  as well as the magical realms.  Laughing Hyena  Magical Emporium and Apothecary has worked to bring you a truly unique product that covers a wide variety of interests and needs, thus we felt that they needed to be represented with the same vigor and attention to detail as everything else we craft.  Our poisons are handmade, and treated with great care. From what we choose to be an ingredient, the style and look of our packaging, and how it will feel in the world you venture forth in. We hope that our poisons bring your tabletop game, Larp, cosplay, garb, and displays to the next level.

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