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West of Avalon, there lies an island, called E’Alqua, it is here, that nymphs, satyrs, and other magical folk calls home. There are powerful ancient magics on this island, and one must be well versed in the art of magic to walk among its shores, forests, and valleys.


In the center of this island, one will find a lake so pure, that it is said to drink from it, can cure illness, even restore youth?  Along the shores of this lake grows a plant that has a scent so alluring that it draws creatures to the shore. The creature is held in the plants’ thrall motionless, giving it just enough time to ensnare the creature, dragging it into the waters, to drown it and begin feeding on it.


It is this plant’s sweet nectar, that is collected Thus, providing ample opportunity to collect them and bring them to you. Corked and sealed in a vial, to preserve its potency. Sufficient for all magical potions, magical studies, and spell components.

Nymph Lure

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