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The destructive power of plagues can be felt across both the magical and mundane realms. Never has any good come from a plague, but their place in history cannot be ignored. Thus, we felt that they must be cataloged and studied for future scholars, historians, healers and alchemists to learn from. Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium and Apothecary has had their bravest adventurers scour the realms to bring forth the knowledge of these plagues and where able, bring back specimens, so they would not be forgotten in the pages of history. We have taken great care to ensure that each sample is properly preserved, sealed, and warded, so there will not be any “accidents”.  Each plague has been catalogued in the Magical archives of Arcane Knowledge and Lore. Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium and Apothecary provides a certificate of the plague, giving you a brief history of the plague., and a stepping stone for you to seek out more knowledge.


“All I can say is that on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims– and as far as possible one must refuse to be on the side of the pestilence.”

― Albert Camus, The Plague


Plagues are a natural occurrence in the world of nature and unfortunately the civilized world must endure and learn from them. As we have grown in language, science and medicine, we have documented them in the mundane world. Thus we felt that they needed to be represented with the same vigor and attention to detail as everything else we craft. We hope these unique items bring your tabletop game, Larp, cosplay, garb, and displays to the next level. Most importantly, we hope to impart knowledge in the history of these dark times and remember the power of the things we cannot see, nor understand.


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