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"There is nothing more powerful, more ancient, nor more identifiable than a caster's wand. "

-Candi'ce Le Frouge - Professor of Russian Wytchcraft and Lore

1298 World Jackalope Sled Team Champion.


 It is an extension of one's own ability to bring forth the magic from energy and thought, binding it to their will and bringing it into reality. No such item has ever identified one as a master of the arcane arts more than a wand. As each caster is a unique individual, so is the wand that they wield. So much in fact, that a person could potentially identify a caster, just from the wand, without the caster even being present.  The various woods are used to capture and weave the energy differently. The way it feels in the caster's hand is essential as well, for it should feel like it is a part of you.   The knots, swirls, burls, and grain, are also individual to each wand, like fingerprints. It is said that the caster can feel the wand as if it calls to them, and when held it feels like an extension of oneself, not just an accessory. Just as the wood is part of the wand, so is the core. If a wand is so blessed to have a core, each caster will find that a particular core will call to them. Such a connection will enhance their attunement to the energies of magic. 


The long tradition of wand crafting will forever be the cornerstone of Laughing Hyena  Magical Emporium and Apothecary's rich history of providing the best for the magical community. Every wand we craft is a one-of-a-kind piece of work, crafted by hand knowing that no two wands will ever be the same, just like those that would wield them. We do not use a pattern or a jig in its creation, we instead let the wood itself determine how it shall be shaped and crafted.  Our wands are made from a wide variety of domestic and exotic woods, ethically sourced, and sanded to a polish smooth finish. They are then finished with natural teak oil. This allows the wielder to feel the natural grain of the wood, as they take hold of their wand. 

Because all wands are one of a kind please contact us with the wood, length and if you wish for a core to see what we have in stock or can create a custom order for your perfect wand.

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