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The plague of 664 was a local plague that affected the British Isles. It was the first recorded plague in English history, and it coincided with a solar eclipse. It was referred to by later scholars as "The Yellow Plague of 664. It has been said to have lasted for twenty to twenty-five years, causing widespread mortality, social disruption, and abandonment of religious faith.


You will receive one single-use glass vial of this potion, sealed by cork, and dipped in wax to ensure the potency of your potion. According to all the laws and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Magic and all abiding councils. That this sample will be solely used for research in the areas of magical study. It will be tagged and packaged with the utmost care to ensure the safest delivery.





The Plague of 664

  • This is for educational and entertainment purposed. Do not eat/drink/feed/or sneak into anyone's real food or water supply. It will give you the shits and make you very sad.

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