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I have been fortunate to spend some time in the deep waters of the Valyrinth ocean, exploring and visiting with the Atlanteans, a long live elven race that has made the oceans their home. Long has their kingdom, prospered in the ways of knowledge, history, and life under the ocean. It is during one of these expeditions, that I discovered the Valyrinth sea urchin.


A much larger version of your normal sea urchin. Growing to the size of five feet in diameter. The Atlanteans, use them as a barrier wall to protect their lands. They also have found a way to safely extract the poison from these urchins, without harming them.


Through some careful negotiations, I have been able to secure a steady source of this substance. Thus, providing ample opportunity to collect them and bring them to you. Corked and sealed in a vial, to preserve its potency. Sufficient for all magical potions, magical studies, and spell components.

Sea Urchin Venom

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