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Catch us at our next faire of the 2023 Season!

The Delaware Renaissance Faire

Oct 28-29, Nov 4-5,11-12

Laughing Hyena Studios

Magical Emporium and Apothecary 
 Premier shopping for the discerning Witch, Wizard, Warlock and Adventurer.

  Greetings from Professor Korovous and all your friends at the Laughing Hyena Studios. We bid Warm Summer regards to all our fine Faire Family of Patrons, Playtrons & Re-enactors. We hope this missive finds you in good humour and fast standing! 

  We at Laughing Hyena Studios post this missive here in order to answer the One Single Question we've been asked most in the last few weeks..?!?

 ~ "Will laughing Hyena Studios be again Returning to the Connecticut Renaissance festival for the 2023 season..????"

    The answer to that question, sadly, is "No"..!

   We will NOT.., I repeat.., We Will Not be at the 2023 Connecticut Renaissance festival this year..! 


 .. However, fine Patrons, fear not...your friends at Laughing Hyena Studios would not dream of leaving you in the lurch in such a way. Our Current Web Portal  has a fine assortment of items an aspiring Mage or Sorceress might Need or Desire..! 

  Not only will you find an Expanded Selection of all the high quality offerings that you’ve come to know and love such as; Wands, Potions, Dragon Eggs & Bodice Chillers.., But you will also discover some of the most Select, Painstakingly Hand Crafted, Durable, Stage Quality Leather PRODUCTS available anywhere!


  Our wares have been well received at the Marketplaces of our Earlier Season Shows in NH, NJ, NY & ME!

  Now we Proudly offer these Exceptional Magical ac'coutremonde to all of our happily gathered Ren-Faire Friends & Family this 2023 Autumnal Season..!(- whether out at local Renn Faires or in the Comfort of their own "Lair".., ordering Online!)

  Not only Will All That be fully available to you through our New and Improved (and currently in Re-Production) WEB PORTAL.., But

...Any orders of $50 or more will be shipped Free of Charge (coupon code CTRF2023) to your location!

... And, in addition to That, on any orders over $125 dollars.., You will be able to choose  One Free "Potion, Poison, or Plague" of your own desire..!  Just leave us your choice when you place your order in the notes. And all that will be available until the close of this Seasons Connecticut Renaissance Faire..?!?








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