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The Ancient Highland Mountain Range has some of the oldest peaks in the realms and finds itself home to many long-abandoned dwarven fortresses that can be found in our realm.  Bare cliffs and deep chasms fill this range, along with the remains of many ancient battles. The bones and arms of countless armies lay scattered across the field, and these peaks are the natural nesting grounds of the territorial blue dragons that roam this range. These peaks are embroiled in an endless cycle of thunderstorms and gale-force winds.  The blue dragons soar among the storms, embracing the lightning and gale-force winds soring for days till they find the proper caves or entrances to a long-forgotten dwarven fortress. It is here that they will seek to make their nesting grounds.


During this nesting season, the dragons are less likely to roam and stay close to the mountain peaks and ancient fortresses, allowing us to locate their nests. The mother dragons will tend the nests for fourteen months through the year. They will guard their nest, barely leaving it, save for getting something to drink and kicking out the infertile eggs as she discovers them. Once the nesting season is over, the young take flight, leaving the abandoned nests till the next mating season. It is then my goblins go in search of the infertile dragon eggs. We collect them and bring them to you to discover the joy of breaking one open.


Large Blue Dragon Egg



Roughly Sized - 4.5" - 5.5"


With this particular Dragon Egg, you can use a short wave U.V. light in a dark room, to see the ancient magic that resides in the egg.

Blue Dragon Egg - Large

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