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Bodice cooler, bodice chiller, chest cooler

Are you a Rennie, or know one desperately needs to be cooled down in the heat? Cosplayer? Does the average gal want some relief from the summer heat or hot flashes? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you come to the right place.

Add ice, place the cork, and pop it on your top! Insulating ceramic keeps the cooler comfortable even after the ice is melted. I've known folks to use cigar tubes, but the idea of cold metal on my skin makes me cringe.

If you use your cooler with a costume, you'll need to choose the right style for comfort. I have a more narrow tapered design for an underbust corset or a more rounded, fuller version for an overbust. The fuller understanding holds a bit more ice.

A sports bra would work great if you are using your cooler at home.

Due to the temperature shock on the clay, I do not recommend putting them directly in the freezer.

They are lifesavers for a lady in the heat!

Bodice Chiller

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