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Our Body Lotions are made with hydrating, soothing aloe and light, silky grapeseed oil. They are lightweight, absorb quickly, and can be used head to toe. 


To Use:

Use any time day or night, especially effective right after a bath or shower. Apply daily as needed to help hydrate and moisturize the skin. 




Rosewood Essential Oil is credited with being a bactericidal,  anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic cellular stimulant, immune system stimulant, tissue regenerator, tonic, antidepressant, antimicrobial,  and an aphrodisiac. It is also regarded as a general balancer of emotions. Mandarin Essential Oil is a citrus oil that is known to promote calmness, and a sense of well-being, and to help combat insomnia.  Mandarin Oil is gentle enough for children and can help them to relax before sleeping.


This also contains the follwing:
Aloe Aloe vera is known to promote wound healing with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. 

Grape Seed Oil is high in vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids including linoleic acid. It is slightly astringent  and penetrating oil that is effective for dry, damaged, or aging skin. 

Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Cetearyl SulfateIt is PEG-free and gluten-free and is approved by Ecocert for use as an ingredient in natural and organic cosmetics. 

Vitamin E T-50 (50% vitamin e and 50% non-gmo soy) plays an important role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage, UV rays, pollutants, and aging. 

Gluconodeltalactone and Sodium Benzoatelis are accepted by ECOCERT as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics. 


Nymph Dew - Rosewood & Mandarin Body Lotion

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