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Pegasi, at first glance, resembled mere horses with large bird-like wings. Despite this, they have other avian features as well: their lower legs are feathered instead of furred, and their manes and tails are also of feathers. They also do not bear live young, but instead, build their nests high in the mountain peaks, and lay a clutch of two to four eggs.


Their primary range in The Severed Hills hosts a healthy amount of nesting pairs, but they have also been seen in the Gray Highlands and Broken Spear Mountain ranges. They generally migrate, moving to find fresh food, and following the seasons, only pausing to nest and rear their young.


Once the eggs hatch and the young are old enough to fly and move with the herd, the nest is abandoned till the next mating season. Thus, providing ample opportunity to collect the discarded feathers and bring them to you. Corked and sealed in a vial, to preserve its potency. Sufficient for all magical potions, magical studies, and spell components.

Pegasus Feather

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