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In the Sythdorn Wastelands lies the ruins of Irf Thalor, an ancient city, long ruined by the hunger for power beyond those that should reach.  The city still holds dark magic and with that, the creations of those that live beyond the grave. They roam the dark of night hunting and plotting, slumbering in the light of day. There is numerous undead that live within the blacked walls of the city. One of the most powerful sentient beings is known as vampires former lords and ladies of the royal court. 


From time to time, such undead takes to the idea to leave their city and make trouble in areas where they are not wanted. As such there are actions where heroes must be called to deal with these incursions. From these victories, we keep the realm safe from evil, and it also provides us with some of the rarest potion ingredients.


Thus, providing ample opportunity for my apprentices to collect them and bring them to you. Corked and sealed in a vial, to preserve its potency. Sufficient for all magical potions, magical studies, and spell components.

Vampire Dust

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