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The Thunder Peaks has some of the harshest arctic weather, that can be found in our realm. An endless barrage of biting cold winds, ice, and deep snow.  These mountains are the natural nesting grounds of the ruthless white dragons that roam the northern hemisphere. Littered with a great many chasms and ice caves; such natural occurrences are perfect for the white dragons to make their nests.


It is during this nesting season that the dragons are less likely to roam and stay close to the mountain range allowing us to locate their nests. The mother dragons will tend the nests for six months, through the deepest of arctic winter, kicking out the infertile eggs, as she discovers them.  Once the nesting season is over and the young take flight, leaving the abandoned ones till the next mating season. It is then my goblins go in search of the infertile dragon eggs. We collect them, and bring them to you, to discover the joy of breaking one open.


Small Dragon Egg Size


Roughly  2.5" - 3.5"



White Dragon Egg - Small

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