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Let's face it grand adventurer, there is nothing easy about adventuring! There is the mud, bugs, bad weather, and let's not get on the nastier things, like troll dung, sweaty armor, and the occasional stain of blood. You wake up with aches pains, and a stench that would make a goblin blush!


But have no fear, for we have delved deep and searched far and wide, to find this skilled in the craft of pampering and beauty. With much deliberation, drink, and a few bad games of cards, we have been able to bring you a line from the clever witches who reside in the cold remote areas to the north. This line was made exclusively for Laughing Hyena Magical Emporium and Apothecary and will aid you in  looking and feeling your best, on the road or rescuing a princess or prince from danger!!.  After all, you are not going to be able to sneak by anyone, smelling like a festering pool of ichor. 


Laughing Hyena, is proud to bring a line of body care products that is organic, made with the loving touch of mother earth, and is created locally out of the state of Vermont by a small company, owned by a marvelous Lady, and produced with a woman's touch.  All products are kept  as organic as possible and they  have even begun the work to make their packaging reusable or recyclable.  We believe that what they create is in the vision of boldness, purity, and close to nature as possible. It is a line  worthy of the most beautiful princess, fairest maiden, regal queen, and or dashing rogue, noble knight, and wise King.

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